Academic Structure

The curriculum at Summit Education Center is content-rich in each of the core disciplines –history, science, writing, math and literacy. In addition to academic skill and mastery, the curriculum is interconnected and tailored to create paths of opportunity for the students to make mental connections – connecting the subjects together (how one affects another) as well as paths of opportunity to learn how what is being taught applies personally to their everyday life. In addition to the core subjects, SEC also offers enrichment classes which add additional avenues for growth and discovery.

SEC uses a mixed-age classroom model that allows students to grow to competency within their grade level but also expand and learn from their peers in surrounding grades. This allows advanced students to remain challenged and engaged in the classroom while simultaneously giving students who need more scaffolding to fully master challenging concepts. Consequently, children learn at a deeper level than would be expected in a classroom that is organized strictly by generic age-based norms.

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