School Board

Dennis Allender

School Board President

Dennis Allender is the School Board President for Summit Education Center. In 2015 Dennis helped launch Summit Education Center and acted as the primary overseer for the first two years. Dennis holds a B.S. Degree from Black Hills State University and taught Middle School and High School aged students for 5 years in California. Along with his years of experience in education, Dennis has worked closely with children and teenagers as a youth pastor and senior pastor for over 40 years regarding a vast number of issues related to life, education, social issues, family, and overall maturity and development in God. Dennis currently leads The Summit and serves as a Regional Coordinator to Congress WBN in North America. These platforms have allowed Dennis a regional and global understanding of accurate human transformation and development.
Dennis and his wife live in Spearfish, SD.

Megan Weaver

School Administrator

Megan serves as the School Administrator of Summit Education Center, providing direction and hands on leadership to the development and growth of SEC. Prior to serving at Summit Education Center, Megan taught elementary aged students within both private and public schools locally in Spearfish after receiving her Bachelors in Elementary Education through Black Hills State University. Throughout her professional career she has served on various committees for education and leadership development including the South Dakota Chapter of Global Leadership Interlink and Congress Corporate Business Development Programs. Megan and her husband enjoy living in Spearfish with their two children, spending time out in the Black Hills at any opportunity they are given.

Board Members

Jason Boke

Brian Snow

Sue Weaver

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