Educational Philosophy

The philosophy of Summit Education Center’s educational programs is firmly grounded in the belief that our responsibility as educators is not limited to simply filling student minds with intellectual knowledge, but to develop them wholly through the instruction and application of a set of life-long values. The educational program of Summit Education Center reflects our commitment to develop children in all areas of life - physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Social and Emotional Development

To focus solely on the development of the mind would deny the very nature of how children develop. The foundation of all programs at SEC is an emphasis on the social and emotional environment of the center. This is what we teach first. In each of our classrooms, the teachers and leadership of Summit Education Center first build a positive and safe environment for the students by creating an atmosphere of Respect, Concern, and Care.

Our teachers are trained to teach to the heart of every child, rather than simply the mind. This creates a dynamic atmosphere wherein teaching and instruction can be adapted to meet the individual needs of each child as well as build and strengthen them from the inside-out.

Physical Development

In keeping with our mission to develop children from a holistic perspective, SEC integrates physical activity within each day. Breaks and lengthened recesses are provided to all students in order to promote physical activity. Additionally, students are provided opportunities within Physical Education to participate in structured activity to promote a lifestyle of health and wellness that will last the students well beyond their time at Summit Education Center.

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